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Eatonville, Washington, is located in southern Pierce County, Washington State, along State Route 161 and U.S. Highway 7. It is the first stop to scenic recreation areas such as Mount Rainier National Park, Gifford Pinchot and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests, Northwest Trek, Pioneer Farm, and Pack Forest. READ MORE

Copper Creek Inn wins #1 Best Cabins in the 2013 King 5 Evening Magazine competition. . .Two years in a row!


Information of Scouting in the Eatonville area can be found at the following web page.

Nisqually Land Trust buys 720 acres
Tract near Mount Rainier is group's largest purchase
By John Dodge | The Olympian
The Nisqually Land Trust announced purchase Monday of 720 acres of critical wildlife habitat and scenic vistas near Mount Rainier National Park, the largest acquisition ever by the 20-year-old trust.

The property, just northeast of Ashford near state Route 706 was purchased for $2.36 million from the Hancock Timber Resources Group.


Cowlitz stays productive; lakes are full of hungry trout
BOB BROWN; For The Olympian | • Published May 14, 2009
Action for steelhead and chinook continues to be good in the Cowlitz River this week. Although fishing has not been quite as good as the previous week, respectful catches of both species are being taken at the barrier dam. READ MORE

Help support literacy locally by donating new or gently used books to the Eatonville School District Libraries’ CHILDREN’S BOOK DRIVE,
April 15-May 15.
Drop books off at any school, district office or community partners with a drop box. “The greatest gift is a passion for reading.” – Elizabeth Hardwick

Thank you,

The Forest Stump Series from Pack Forest

It was a cold, cloudy day at Pack Forest. There was a promise of rain in the forecast. Mason, Duane and I were sitting around a fire in Pack Hall when Mason turned and said, ”You know each plant out there has a story....” I knew there must be thousands of plants and that meant there were thousands of stories.

Those stories can be found in mystery form at the Pack Forest Website.

Forest Stump likes to think of himself as a modern day version of Sherlock Homes specializing in plant mysteries. He likes to hike around Pack Forest with a camera and take pictures of unusual things he can't explain.

Forest has two friends that know everything about the forest and can give hints to explain the pictures.

Mason is a well educated forester who helps Forest with logic, experimental studies and well documented evidence.

Duane is the computer guru that can point Forest to key words to search the internet.

Visit the Pack Forest website to see the latest Forest Stump Mystery.

Community Health Care Outreach Worker visits the Community Center on the 4th Thursday of each month providing help for those who wish to apply for Basic Health. Community Health Care is a non-profit health care provider for those with no health insurance, low income (sliding fee).

If you have questions or would like more information, please either call:

Darlene Apresa-Grewal
CHC Outreach/Referrals Worker
253-879-2304 Ext. 215,

Or contact by email:

EATONVILLE'S WELLNESS CENTER is offering FREE therapeutic energy sessions to the public!

Beginning January 8th, 2011 anyone who is interested may receive free energy sessions from our new intern Katy Basham.  Katy is currently a student at EarthWalk Institute of Healing Arts, training to become a BioEnergy & Vibrational Medicine Practitioner (also known as an Energy Healer/Therapist).  Her goal is to spread health and well-being throughout the community.

Experience Therapeutic Energy Healing
BioEnergy & Vibrational Medicine

What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is an umbrella term used to describe many different holistic modalities that focus their work on the energetic body of a client.  The most recognized modalities include Reiki, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Shiatzu, to name a few.  All vary in structure and complexity of practice, but the main belief is that dis-ease happens on an energetic level before it manifests in the physical form.  By addressing the root of the problem (be it emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, etc.), the client is healed more deeply than if only their symptoms were treated.  It is holistic medicine at its best, treating the whole person as an individual. 


Newer Building Material
Make Your Building More Protective

The world is changing faster than ever and thus our building materials. So, why stay away from those what are new to build your house? Yes, this is steel and iron industry which has a growing market, can be best for your new house. This is because the metal and steel industries are now used to produce various awesome products which have an attractive looks as well as they are available at low prices. And here lays its cause to being an emerging market in this competitive world.

Causes of Growing Demand: As I wrote it earlier in this article that the metal industry is growing not only for its attractive looks and durability but also for its cheap availability, now it time to look at those at some extent.

Durability: To write about its creative looks, let’s look at another industry, is called roll forming industry. This industry is the creator of all new products of metal and thus it is closely associated and also makes the metal industry more and more versatile and ever changing. As various building owners try to build differently, hence, it is important to supply metals of various shapes. And that is the work of roll forming industry as it forms various shapes of various metals as those are required. Hence, you may realize what the behind of the success of metal industry is.

Creative Looks: But not only attractive looks, the durability also plays a key role. Metal buildings can protect from bad weather such as storm or heavy rainfall – there is no possibility of leaking water. Its roofs are so well equipped that it will protect your house in snowy days and also benefits in summer days keeping your room cool. It is heavily protective in fire or dew and also it lasts unexpectedly having no rot.

Lastly, I will only say that if you are planning to build your house or any other building with bricks please think once again as my suggestion go for newer model that is cost effective as well as too much protective. But above all, thanks once again to roll form industry which is contributor for this technology. If you have any doubt to my words, please know more about roll forming industry to be genuine.

Summary: The world is changing faster than ever and thus our building materials. So, why stay away from those what are new to build your house?

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