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Getaway and Immerce Yourself in Another Country!
The benefits of volunteering oversees.

By Alexandria Walkinshaw 
November 13, 2008
For almost as long as I can remember, traveling has always been my calling.  Maybe it was from hearing my Dad's stories of his time in the Peace Corps and his trip around the world, or just my continue quest to make the unknown known. The contrast of other cultures, places, and people, continues to amaze me to this day.  Disappearing to a new country has always challenged me in many ways. It has driven my fascination with people. Why they are the way they are, through circumstances of their lives, and the environment around them.

Though many people believe that traveling is my way of "escaping", in all actuality it is an ongoing search for enlightenment, enlightenment for myself and others.  It is the continued quest to find the thread that connects us all.  Each country and culture I have immersed myself in, has definitely changed me and brought in a deeper compassion for the country and its people. When coming together with others where all barriers are present, the challenge is inconsequential to the reward.  Whether it is the person visiting the country, or the people from the country, a gift is received on each end.  


One of the most rewarding experiences I had traveling was, when I was in Panama. Each time I visit a country, I try to give back in some way. Whether that is by volunteering or a donation of some kind.  I believe that I learn more about the culture by getting involved at hands on level, rather than seeing it from a distance.  I have always loved working with children, especially oversees. With this in mind I decided to do some volunteering at an orphanage that some of my friends have had involvement with. The children at this orphanage, were some of the happiest kids, I have ever interacted with.  Every day with them was pure joy and each interaction built a bond that unified us. I really believe that in that moment we were a gift to each other


The more people connect from different backgrounds and cultures a deep understanding is accomplished, bringing more peace in the world.  I find that most of the time it is not the differences that scare us, but the judgments we make from not knowing.  If more people roamed this world with only the objective to learn and understand, fewer judgments would be made and the change of our world would be astonishing

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